How to recover from week-long vacations

After working hard all through the winter, you’ve finally earned your week-long vacation from all things work related. Whether it’s the standard spring break or you’re taking a getaway on your own time, it can be a great way to relax your brain and step back from work – even if only for a short while.

But after you’ve returned from a tropical vacation and settled down, you may struggle to stay focused. Thankfully, there are some hints and tips to get you back on track with being productive for the remainder of the year.

Here’s how to recover from your brief but fun hiatus from responsibility.

Get some sleep
Sure, you may have “slept” during your vacation, but that doesn’t mean it was entirely restful slumber. Vacation can wreak havoc on your sleeping habits, having you up till early dawn and asleep until the late afternoon. This can repeat itself on a vicious cycle for the entire week, leaving you as an utter mess once you get back to school.

After you’ve returned, HackCollege suggested you carve time into your schedule for a solid 10-12 hour night of sleep. It’s way over the standard eight, but it’s necessary to let your body recover from the beating it took in Mexico. If you have to, follow your grandfather’s sleeping regimen and hit the hay by 6 p.m. You won’t regret it come Monday.

Eat and drink healthier
Even before you’ve gone on vacation, you should’ve been eating healthier foods and drinking more water. These can do your body some serious good, especially when you are busy or stressed out. Typically, your eating habits go out the window when you go on vacation, as more options are available to you than fast food restaurants, delivery services and dining halls. After getting back, start to treat your body right again with some fruits and vegetables rather than bread and pasta, HackCollege advised.
Also, ditch the sugary beverages and choose to recharge your batteries with drinks that such as coconut water. The electrolytes can do wonders in hydration and leave you feeling refreshed. You might also want to try some smoothies that are rich in protein and potassium, as they too can give you more energy after a long week and flight or drive home.

Push yourself
According to HerCampus, one of the keys to recovery can rest on your own shoulders – push yourself to get back into the right frame of mind for doing work. Spring is a popular time for schools to hold career fairs around campus, so it’s essential that you force yourself to ditch the vacation mindset of being care-free and get back into the swing of preparing for life after graduation. You don’t want to show up to meet recruiters who want to hire students with bags under your eyes and your hair unkempt. Your mind might feel frazzled from vacation, so before you step onto the floor of the recruiting hall, get focused.

Start exercising
While you also took a break from your studies for the week, you also took time off from your physical routines. A great way to shake off the cobwebs from being on vacation is to get back into the gym and exercise. The more adrenaline that you have coursing through your body, the faster you can start to recover from laying out on the beach for five or six days in a row. If you don’t have a gym membership, you can also choose to run outside. It might still be cold where you are too, which can help wake you up with brisk breezes of chill air. Instead of fretting over not being able to lift weights at the gym, try doing some calisthenics in the privacy of your room. Jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups are easy exercises to do by yourself that don’t require any additional equipment or large amounts of free space.

Get back to your routine
Thankfully, a week isn’t enough time to lose track of your routines. You may  need to be ready for any career prospects that might be waiting for you down the road. You can’t afford to fall behind the pack. Get back into your routine as quickly as possible. Try waking up earlier to get a head start on your recovery process. Unplug from Facebook and avoid looking through nostalgic photo albums from the week. Once you’ve caught up to career stuff – job applications and updated your resume –  feel free to veg out in front of the TV and unwind from your break.