Make sure you’re properly prepared for video interviews

Make sure you're properly prepared for video interviews

The process of interviewing candidates has changed over the years, as new technologies facilitate the recruitment of students for college graduate jobs. You may think that emailing resumes and cover letters is the future of applying to open positions – but you’re wrong. Even now, as email hits its peak in communication, video has started to take over the industry.

From informational videos about companies to promotional clips that describe specific products and services, businesses are leveraging interactive visual aids to court the best talent from colleges and universities. As an upcoming graduate, you need to be ready to face the ever changing landscape of professional recruiting.

With video on the rise, you have learn how to properly prepare yourself for video interviews. Here are some tips to get you ready.

Practice responses
Although each interviewer might have a unique set of questions to ask candidates, you can always practice your responses to common interview questions beforehand, U.S. News & World Report explained. While you won’t know exactly what’s coming, you can become more familiar with your ability to think swiftly when asked about a specific experience or skill. Additionally, it might give you time to become more comfortable sitting in front of the camera rather than being physically seat across from the recruiter.

Dress properly
Because you’ll most likely be sitting in a chair where the interviewer can’t see below your waist, you might be compelled to wear a nice shirt on top of some sweatpants or pajama bottoms. Reuters suggested that while it’s nice in theory, you want your brain to believe that you’re functioning at your best and making the effort to dress professional can help you achieve that goal. Treat it as if you’re physically going to the company’s offices – make sure that you’ve showered and are well-groomed for the interview.

Look at the camera – not the screen
Our brains naturally look to make eye contact with people that are talking to us, which can be difficult to manage during a video interview. If you’re staring down at the screen, you can seem as if you’re staring off in the wrong direction and not paying attention to the interviewer. According to USA Today, the best way to avoid this is by pretending that the camera is the person interviewing you and making an effort to keep eye contact with it. Since they’re probably experienced in conducting interviews this way to hire graduates, you want to make sure that you’re looking right at them the whole time.

Pay attention to location
Where you position yourself and the camera can be an important aspect of the video interview. Business Insider suggested that having the camera at the height as the top of your head will give you the best camera angle with minimal glare. Additionally, having the camera sit slightly above your hairline will force you to maintain good posture. Body language will be harder to interpret in video interviews compared to in-person meetings, so pay attention to how you’re sitting and be sure to relax your shoulders. It’ll improve your appearance and make you feel more confident in yourself.

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