General Internship (Online)

Stock Market Blue Concept Illustration. Stock Exchange Building in Lower Manhattan, New York City and Stock Graphs and Ticker Composition. Business Financial Backdrop

We are looking for anyone from around the country and world that has access to an online connection and camera on their computer to work from home! We have a very interesting and unique type of opportunity for several interns (from the US and around the world) here at PM. This would be a great way to gain some great experience with an interesting twist in the typical type of internship (ie. you wont be having to get anyone coffee here). We are very flexible with the schedule and the cool part about this is that you can do it from home or school anywhere you have access to an internet connection. With the music industry and technology changing so rapidly we wanted to try a new approach an experiment if you will in communicating and being able to work from pretty much anywhere. We are looking for several interns that have a laptop with a built-in camera and access to the internet (via school, coffee shop or home) so that we would be able to communicate via video chat (ie. Skype, Gmail, AIM) and IM. Communications would not only be with the company but actually interacting with the artists themselves in this environment to be able to ultimately accomplish their goals and objectives. We currently work with 3 music artists and director cinematographer so the tasks and goals of each will vary and change quite a bit. WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT: A great reference for your future in the music industry. New way of working. (not making coffee for some executive) Having a real say and making your ideas count. Music industry knowledge. Networking and establishing contacts for your future endeavours. Working with cool people and bands. College credit

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