Jobs for Those With Wanderlust

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Many people have dreams of whisking off to a foreign land to settle down and start life anew, but it is easier said than done. When reality bites and the difficulty of getting a work visa or finding a job abroad sets in, it can be discouraging. Luckily for the travel-minded, there are some options that will send you overseas. Here are five ways you can work abroad after graduation (or anytime):

  1. Peace Corps

Joining the Peace Corps is probably one of the more widely known methods of living in a new country. It is an option for those who wish to volunteer their time and skills overseas while earning some benefits (like loan forgiveness). Many positions require you to have a degree or equivalent experience and your efforts will assist those in disadvantaged countries. Find more information on the Peace Corps here.

  1. Teach English

There are several different programs you can go through to teach English abroad including government organizations and private recruiters. The length of your contract and salary varies from country to country, as do the qualifications. Some countries provide housing and airfare, and in some cases all you need is to be a native English speaker, have a bachelor’s degree, and be TEFL certified. It is also a good chance to learn or practice a foreign language without committing too much time to one place.

  1. Military

Joining the military means potentially being stationed all over the world and having the opportunity to travel to different countries while serving your own. Each branch of the military may send you to different places. More information can be found here.

  1. Travel Guide

If you ever studied abroad, in Europe especially, you are probably aware of tour guide companies that offer organized trips at great deals to foreign students (i.e., EuroAdventure, Smart Trip, and Bus2Alps). Have you ever thought of being one of those tour guides? While housing and pay vary from company to company, it is a fun way to move back abroad, go on amazing trips, and get paid for it.

  1. Study Abroad Office

Most universities have their own study abroad office that helps students plan their   overseas studies. There are also independent organizations that arrange for students to study abroad at overseas institutions (i.e. Athena Abroad). Program directors travel to their host universities to check up on their programs and become more knowledgeable about each location. While these positions will likely be based in the US with occasional trips, it is an option for those who not only want to travel abroad themselves but also help other people realize their passion for travel.