Marketing Deep Dive with Paul Willard

paul willardView livestream here.

Calling all marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and techies. Join us for a free online career event with Paul Willard (@webgeek_).

Paul is one of the pioneers of ‘agile marketing’ (also known as growth hacking or data-driven marketing). He has been the CMO of three different companies now valued over a billion dollars (, Atlassian, and Practice Fusion) and is a partner at Subtraction Capital a top VC firm in the Bay Area.

The conversation will cover:

-What is data-driven marketing and how is it different from other marketing approaches?

-What are some core skills every marketing student should learn and how can you learn these while in school?

-What are the top marketing channels used by successful companies today?

-Other marketing hacks that help companies grow fast.

This is a virtual event and will be live streamed on the Looksharp blog May 19th at 11 am.

The live audience will be limited to 500 students on a first come first serve basis—to save your seat click here.

We’re live! View the video here.