25 of the weirdest houses from around the world

shark weird houseThere’s no place like home. Particularly when home is built upside-down, made of shipping containers, or erected in the likeness of the Pyramids.

Some dwellings are more unique than others. From domes to caves, treehouses to igloos, people across the globe live in unconventional houses.

Here are some of the strangest.

(An earlier version of this story was written by Christian Storm. Captions by Business Insider and Reuters.)

This house in Abuja, Nigeria, is partially built in the shape of an airplane. The house was built by Said Jammal for his wife, Liza, to commemorate her love for travel.

Source: Washington Post

Not to be outdone, this house in Miziara, northern Lebanon, resembles an Airbus A380 to a T.

The village of Miziara prides itself on building residential homes in odd shapes. This house under construction imitates an ancient Greek temple like the one in Baalbek, eastern Lebanon.

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Source: BusinessInsider.com