29 pictures of Marine drill instructors screaming in people's faces

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Every small-town tough guy thinks he’d never take treatment like this.

Then when they get down to Parris Island, that small-town tough guy quickly realizes: You will take treatment like this and like it.

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Marine Corps recruit training. Drill Instructors are the thing of legend — I remember, when they finally let us sleep for the first time, about 50 truly harrowing hours from the time we arrived, and those lights shut out, each of us in our racks, I heard a decent handful of grown men crying for their mothers.

I’m not even joking.

Like I said, the thing of legend. These guys spend 13 weeks crushing every undisciplined aspect of a recruit’s body into dust.

Their faces are priceless, and at times it takes everything you’ve got not to laugh.

Showing emotion is strictly forbidden though — Marines call this ‘bearing,’ and they are regularly graded on it.

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