A researcher has spent the past year capturing 500,000 photos of Arctic penguins — here are 16 of the most beautiful ones


Little is known about the habits and behaviors of the six species of penguins that live in Antarctica, especially in the winter when conditions are too harsh for scientists to observe them. 

What scientists do know is that some of these species are thriving while others are dwindling in numbers. 

To better understand some of these species of penguins and what’s causing changes in their populations, Tom Hart, a penguinologist at Oxford University, set up cameras in 2014 in spots along the Antarctic coastline where penguins frequent.

Since then, these cameras have recorded video and snapped over 500,000 images of thousands of penguins. Although the team is still reviewing oodles of data they have collected, here’s a small sample of some of the incredible pictures the team collected.

Many species of penguins spend most of their time at sea, making it difficult for scientists to study their behavior.

Most Antarctic species will migrate to the shorelines to breed during the fall. It’s on these shorelines that Hart and his team spied on thousands of penguins for a full year.

One of the only ways to study penguins is to attach GPS trackers on individual birds. The team’s cameras are less invasive and provide a better idea of population size.

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