Apple accidentally broke an Apple Watch feature with its first software update (AAPL)

apple watch

Apple released the first software update for the Apple Watch on Tuesday, which fixed a collection of security problems and improved the sensor that can tell if you’re sitting or standing. 

But it looks like there was an unintended change in the software update that broke the way the watch is meant to track your heart rate, The Verge reports.

The Apple Watch originally measured the wearer’s heart rate every 10 minutes, and would work out an average heart rate from that data. You could measure it manually, too, but it quietly logged your heart rate all day long.

Now, those regular heart rate checks are gone, and the Apple Watch sporadically measures it during the day. It doesn’t look like that’s what Apple intended, and it appears that something in the latest software update broke the functionality.

Here’s how the Apple Watch used to measure heart rate. There were regular measurements every 10 minutes after putting it on:

Apple Watch heart rate 

And here’s how the heart rate measurements look after the update. Note the irregular measurements:

Apple Watch heart rate

 We reached out to Apple for this story and will update if we hear back.

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